History of Danzón & Cuban Music

Afro-Cuban Roots Music


Abakuá music was first played in Cuba in the mid 19th century in Havana and Matanzas. Its African origins are from the Calabar region. Abakuá is a male religious secret society. There are those who believe that the rumba comes out of this tradition. Gregorio Hernández Ríos "el Goyo" is considered to be one of the great singers of this tradition in Cuban Music.


The conga is the carnival rhythm of Cuban Music. It is played with percussion, brass and vocals as the comparsa (or the group) marches down the avenue.

Cuban Rumba:

The Cuban rumba (not to be confused with Rhumba) is one of the most important and popular folkloric styles still played frequently in Cuba at musical parties. This is one of the most difficult and syncopated of all Cuban musical styles in popular folklore, both in its music and dance. Guaguancó is a medium paced rumba style that is danced by a couple.

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