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En Canto; 7/10/2006

Orquesta La Moderna Tradición En Canto
CD (Danzonemos 28532), Released 2006;
Editor's Pick:

Oquesta La Moderna Tradición continues to produce some of the finest danzón-charanga dance material anywhere. This latest effort pushes the envelop further with in-the-pocket vocals by Eduardo Herrera and near timba flavored arrangements to create a more powerful feel on some of these pristine tracks. Listen to the pure strength of "Contrólate" which leads into the unadulterated pleasure of Orestes Lopéz' "Carnegie Hall." You just have to give in to this stuff. Gorgeous.

With "Chus" Alonso, who does a superb job on flute, clarinetist Don Gardner, timbalero Carlos Caro, pianist Bob Karty, Steve Senft-Herrera on bass, Michael Spiro on congas and batá, violinists Rachel Durling, Sandy Poindexter and Tregar Otton – whose combined virtuosity turns each track into a gem, and a first class coro section made up of Sage Baggott (also on bongó and batá), Edgardo Cambón, Ramón "Monchy" Estevez.

This one has been staying on my CD player. Very Highly Recommended. (BP, 2006-07-11)

Song titles include:
Rumba Pa' Changó/Intro
En El Tiempe De La Colonia
Soy Matancero
Canta La Ceiba, Baila La Palma Real

Carnegie Hall Amor Fugaz
Te Llevo Bajo Mi Piel

Musicians include:
Jesus "Chus" Alonso Flute
Sage Baggott Coro, guiro, bongo, bata
Edgardo Cambon Coro
Carlos Caro Timbales, quinto
Rachel Durling Violin
Ramon "Monchy" Estevez Coro
Don Gardner Clarinet
Eduardo Herrera Lead vocals, coro
Bob Karty Piano, coro
Tregar Otton Musical director, arranger, violin
Sandy Poindexter Violin
Steve Senft-Herrera Bass
Michael Spiro Congas, bata, rumba vocal
Category: Dance Traditions => Charanga
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